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Central Park Plaza for Rent


Commercial Area: CBD

Subway: Line 14

Size: 1830㎡

Rent: ¥17.5/㎡/day

Advantages of This Unit

This is a whole floor office space on the 15th floor of Block A1 of Central Park Plaza in Chaoyang Park area available for rent. It covers an area of 1830 square meters, and it faces 4 directions: east, west, south and north, with a great view of Chaoyang Park. The current state of this office space is that it has a left over decoration. The floor height of this office space is 4.2 meters, and equipped with VAV air conditioning. The other supporting facilities include 5 Michelin starred restaurants and other kinds of catering, T11 fresh supermarket, bank, staff canteen, coffee, milk tea, hair salon, nail beauty, and fitness etc.

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About Central Park Plaza

Central Park Plaza is invested and constructed by Smart-hero (HK) Investment Development Limited, located in the South Gate of Chaoyang Park and the west side of Palm Springs, it covers an area of 34,699 square meters. The project won the title of "Top 10 Architectures of Contemporary China" together with the famous buildings of China World Trade Center Phase III, National Stadium-Bird's Nest, CITIC Tower, Guangzhou TV Tower, Shanghai Tower and Taipei 101.
Central Park Plaza is adjacent to the world's second largest and Asia's largest city park, Chaoyang Park. It radiates the foreign related area of the 3rd embassy area, Lufthansa shopping mall fashion circle, and China World business office territory. 


Ma Yansong is the architect of Central Park Plaza. He is the founder of Beijing MAD Architecture Firm, he teaches at Central Academy of Fine Arts. 

Born in Beijing, Ma Yansong, known as the most important voice and representative of the new generation of architects, is the first Chinese architect who won important landmark buildings overseas. 

Architectural Concept

Urban Landscape: Let Architecture Become the Continuation of Nature

Central Park Plaza is the representative work of "urban landscape" of Chinese architect Ma Yansong . His design concept follows the concept of "urban landscape" put forward by Mr. Qian Xuesen. He designed the architectural shape of Central Park Plaza as a mountain shape and integrated with the large area of lakes in Chaoyang Park, formed the humanistic and natural landscape of "urban landscape". 

However, judging from the appearance alone, Central Park Plaza is not simply a return to tradition. This building has the characteristics of concise shape and distinct lines which are common in contemporary architecture in the world. it is rare to see in China that the charm of traditional Chinese culture combines skillfully with the modern sense of comfort and avant-garde. 

Green Building

Central Park Plaza, from the beginning of its design, a great attention of the integration of architecture and natural landscape had been paid to the project. It practiced the "organic symbiotic relationship" between man and nature. Central Park Plaza has been certified as LEED Gold by U.S. Green Building Council, American Green Community Certification and Two-Star Certification of Green Building in China in the process of green building practice.  

Basic Information

Property categories: high-end residential buildings, office buildings, shops
Architectural form: single building, tower, slab building
Layout size: 303-1800 square meters

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