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Beijing Silver Tower


Commercial Area: East Third Ring

Subway: Line 10

Size Range: 125-2375㎡

Rent Range: ¥8-11/㎡/day

About Beijing Silver Tower

Beijing Silver Tower is located at No. 2, East 3rd Ring North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. It is surrounded by high-level hotels, shopping malls and new commercial buildings, and it is near the Embassy area. The design of Beijing Silver Tower combines high-tech and environmental protection ideas.

Beijing Silver Tower is 32 stories, 110 meters high, covering 1.3 hectares with a total floor area of 66,200 square meters. The area of studios is 131-2375 square meters. The ground lobby of Beijing Silver Tower is 3 stories tall, very magnificent, fully showing its noble style and the atmosphere of the times.
Beijing Silver Tower is designed by Mr. Yan Xunqi, a renowned architect of Hong Kong. The upper part of the building is circle shape, it seeks to coordinate with the surrounding environment such as Sanyuanqiao overpass etc. It expresses the ideal commercial building in the new century with the architectural materials and design techniques such as sparkling three-dimensional glass curtain, scattered window frames, large overhanging eaves and so on. It also integrates the rigorous and steady style of the traditional structure.
The curved curtain wall of Beijing Silver Tower is compatible with the principle of fluid mechanics and corresponds with the environment. On the southwest of the building, the shading structure is set on the outer wall of each floor, which saves energy greatly. At the top of the building, solar energy absorber board is installed to absorb natural energy. It is the best embodiment of the design of "green building" nowadays. The design of Beijing Silver Tower is dedicated to improving the green coverage, with a coverage rate of 32%. It makes users feel comfortable both physically and mentally like in the green garden.
Beijing Silver Tower is located at the northeast corner of Sanyuan Bridge, the intersection of the North 3rd Ring Road and East 3rd Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. It is located in Lufthansa Business Circle with superior geographical position and convenient transportation, there are many bus routes passing nearby.
The property management team of Beijing Silver Tower is undertaken by all kinds of management personnel with rich hotel, catering, property management experience, and professional engineering technology and greening and cleaning personnel. Rich resources and management experience, international standard of 5A hardware configuration and software services enable it to fully meet the challenges of the market and diverse needs of customers.  

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