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Anlian Plaza


Commercial Area: CBD

Subway: Line 6

Size Range: 100-2300㎡

Rent Range: ¥9-10/㎡/day

About Anlian Plaza

Anlian Plaza is developed by Beijing Anlian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and constructed by Zhongtian Group. It is a 5A Intelligent Office Building for office and commerce, the property is managed by “Savills”.  The total construction area of Anlian Building is 43,000 square meters, 23 floors are above ground and 3 floors are below ground. The minimum floor area of office buildings for lease is 100 square meters, the maximum is 2,300 square meters, and the standard floor height is 3.9 meters-7.8 meters.
Office buildings of Anlian Plaza provide various types of office space to choose from, which can meet the actual needs of different customers. Business facilities of Anlian Plaza are complete, surrounding areas are full of catering, supermarkets, hotels, banks, shopping malls and other ancillary facilities.
Anlian Plaza is located at the northeast corner of Jingguang Bridge, the East 3rd Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. the address is No. 38, North Road of East 3rd Ring Road, it is the core area of Beijing CBD.
Located in the first row of the East 3rd Ring Road, north of Chang'an Street and along the East 3rd Ring Road, Anlian Plaza is the first building group of Beijing CBD composed of top international projects such as China World Trade Center, Kerry Center, Fortune Plaza etc.
Anlian Plaza has honorable location and outstanding image. There are more than 40 bus lines passing through, at the same time, Metro Line 6 and Line 10 intersect here. In the case of high saturation of CBD traffic, the advantages of metro traffic are obvious. As an international first-class office building built on the metro, Anlian Plaza has incomparable traffic advantages.

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