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Capital Group Plaza


Commercial Area: East Second Ring

Subway: Line 2

Size Range: 150-3400㎡

Rent Range: ¥10-11.5/㎡/day

About Capital Group Plaza

Capital Group Plaza is a large-scale comprehensive building which integrates office, shopping, and catering. The total floor area of the building is nearly 60,000 square meters, and the public service facilities such as banks, shops, catering, travel agencies, beauty salons and hairdressing are all available. Capital Group Plaza and the surrounding Business Circles of Blue Island, Scitech, Dongsi and CBD jointly formed the most mature and high-end business district in Beijing.
Capital Group Plaza is located at No.6 Chaoyangmen North Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China, the location is Chaoyangmen Business Center. Capital Group Plaza has good geographical location, smooth roads and convenient transportation. On the north side of the building, it is Dongsishitiao station of metro line 2; and it is close to the Second Ring Road, very convenient for self-driving into and out of the Second Ring Road; besides, there are dozens of bus lines, which provide convenient conditions for customers to travel.
Capital Group Plaza is central air-conditioning system, it adopts advanced building automation system, providing users with warm winter and cool summer office environment. Fire facilities are advanced fire monitoring and safety alarm devices, which provide security assurance for users' office environment. The communication is wiring system and is equipped with independent telephone branch office providing reliable communication and data network for users.

Related Information
Check-in Time: December 1998
Building Area: 60,000 square meters
Is It Separable: yes
Size of Studio: 150-3400 square meters
Year Built: August 1, 1998
Developer: Beijing Donghuan Xinrong Investment Management Co., Ltd.

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