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Center Foreign


Commercial Area: East Third Ring

Subway: Line 10

Size Range: 100-300㎡

Rent Range: ¥13-15/㎡/day

About Center Foreign

Center Foreign is a high quality, 5A, Class A office building, located at No. 6 Gongti North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Central Foreign-related Business District, marked by Center Foreign, is adjacent to the first and second embassy zone, and it is the intersection of CBD and Lufthansa Business Circles. The superior geographical position and complete business support of Center Foreign have created a new international business platform for large and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad.

Project Overview

The project stated to receive customers in June 2007. The building covers a total area of 7,497 square meters, with a total floor area of 58,000 square meters, of which the office building has a floor area of 53,000 square meters, and the height of the building is nearly 100 meters, it is the highest office building in the surrounding business circles.

Center Foreign fully embodies the characteristics of international high-quality office buildings from design to hardware to the later stage of property services. While paying attention to the high quality of the building itself, the building puts forward a new concept of ecological office, which specializes in personalized business garden for customers.

Location Advantage

Central Foreign-related Business District marked by Center Foreign, has both the business atmosphere of CBD and the foreign-related advantages of Embassy area. It is adjacent to the first and second embassy areas of Beijing, next to China World Trade Center of Beijing CBD on the east, intersects Lufthansa Business area on the northeast, closely connected with Chaowai business circle on the southwest, bounded on the northwest by Dongzhimen national business circle; it is the convergence of several major eastern economic giants. Center Foreign is near Media Economic Belt which is centered on CCTV, contains the richness and prosperity of Sanlitun International Business District, created a new value of international business.

Geographical Position

Center Foreign is located in Gongti North Road, with convenient transportation, 500 meters away from East Second Ring Road and East Third Ring Road, and Tuanjiehu Station of Metro Line 10 is unblocked. It is close to Dongzhimen Three-dimensional Transportation Hub, covering subway, light rail, bus, taxi, self-driving and other modern modes of transportation, formed a three-dimensional transportation network and high-speed operation platform.

Business Matching

Central Foreign-related Business District centered on Center Foreign, the internal supporting is mature and rich, full of cultural personality, it is a charming business site in the international business circle. Zhaolong Hotel, Beijing City Hotel, Beijing Asia Hotel, Poly Hotel, Poly Theatre, Swiss Hotel, Hong Kong Macau Center formed a Business Center Belt with extraordinary bearing; Comfort Plaza, Pacific Century Place strengthen the advantages of diversified business; Workers' Stadium, Sanlitun International Bar Street are the cultural convergence place of international metropolis; the rich and mature commercial ratio of China Red Street, 3.3, and sanlitun provide comprehensive services for foreign related businesses.

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