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Bao Steel Tower


Commercial Area: CBD

Subway: Line 1, Line 2

Size Range: 150-2600㎡

Rent Range: ¥9-13/㎡/day

About Bao Steel Tower

Bao Steel Tower is located in the east of Jianguomen Bridge, Chaoyang District, Beijing, it is No. 12 Bing, Jianguomen Wai Main Street. Bao Steel Tower is next to East Chang'an Street on the north, opposite to the East 3rd Ring Road on the east, close to Jianguomen Street on the west. It is the intersection of CBD core business district and Chang'an business circle.

Bao Steel Tower is a first-class high-grade office building invested by Bao Steel Group, it constituted the core business consumption area of East Chang'an Street with surrounding high-grade office buildings and consuming places.

The location of Bao Steel Tower has a mature traffic network, convenient and fast, and its location advantage is obvious. The whole building of Bao Steel Tower is tall and magnificent, it complements the extraordinary demeanor of the enterprise; coupled with advanced internal office environment and high-tech hardware configuration, it has become an epochal symbol of Beijing Eastern Business District.
The total building area of Bao Steel Tower is more than 50,000 square meters, with 20 floors above ground and 3 floors below ground. The standard floor area is 2,417 square meters, and the studios area is 120-2417 square meters. Bao Steel Group works with the world's top partners, created an international modern office flagship.
The 10 original imported Swiss Schindler high-speed elevators are another outstanding advantage of Bao Steel Tower. The new and beautiful elevator keyboard, modern elevator car design, easy-to-use microprocessor control and standard automatic doors meet the higher requirements of users in operation adaptability and performance. Advanced modular component design of Bao Steel Tower enables each elevator to accurately meet customer requirements, it makes users truly experience the exact connotation of "satisfying customers” in Bao Steel Tower.

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