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Commercial Area: Financial Street

Subway: Line 1, Line 2

Size Range: 132-3000㎡

Rent Range: ¥21-23/㎡/day

About CBRC

The top floor of CBRC Building is the offices of top management, with a height of 4.5 meters, and there are special toilets and lounges for presidents. The building adopts double toilets design which ensures that the office flow outside the two corridors will not run across. Open elevator halls on both sides ensure the shortest distance to offices. The smoking room in core wall provides the possibility of smoke-free working environment. Elevator lobbies of high and low rise ensure that the minimum waiting time is less than 30 seconds. Additional garage elevators are provided to optimize the utility of elevators in the main building.

CBRC Building is located at Block 1, Area B, Central District of Financial Street. It is close to the Main Road of the West Second Ring on the west, next to Wudinghou Street on the north, at the intersection of these 2 roads, occupying the "Golden Corner" of the Central District of Financial Street.
The west side of CBRC Building is an urban greenbelt which is parallel to the Second Ring Road, 30 meters wide, about 1.5 hectares. While the east side is a greenbelt of financial and cultural theme park with a total area of 2.8 hectares. The inner green square about 3,000 square meters enclosed by CBRC Building and B3 provides a semi-private green space.

Engineering Profile
The basement of CBRC building is garage and equipment room; the first to third floor are lobby and conference rooms; the fourth to nineteenth floor are office rooms; and the twentieth to twenty-second floor are executive office rooms. Natural foundation, frame shear wall structure, reinforced concrete roof.
CBRC building has five branches: building electrical, building water supply and drainage, ventilation and air conditioning, intelligent building and elevators, and 30 sub-branches. Engineering applied a variety of environmental protection, energy-saving building materials and equipment. Decoration mainly adopted domestic common materials, the overall effect is beautiful and generous, the detailed treatment is exquisite and delicate, it made delicacies out of coarse food grain.  

Detailed Information
Address: No.15 Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China
Drinking Water: municipal
Building Area: 131,247 square meters
Covering Area: 12,390 square meters
Internal Supporting: Business Center, Staff Restaurant, Bank
Number of Parking Spaces: 300 underground parking spaces
Heating Mode: unified heating

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