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20 Long-Term Rental Apartments Popular With Foreigners in Beijing

Post time: 2022-08-30 20:38:27    Source: By Emilie LIU

Are you going to relocate to Beijing and you need to rent an apartment for yourself or for your family in Beijing? or you are in Beijing now and you want to change an apartment in Beijing? However, you do not exactly know what apartments are suitable for foreigners in Beijing? and which of these apartments suitable for foreigners is best for you? For your convenience, let me tell you the top 20 Beijing apartments for rent for expats.

1. Sanlitun SOHO 
Sanlitun SOHO is the most popular high-end apartment in Sanlitun area for expats. Sanlitun SOHO is composed of 5 shopping malls and 9 office and apartment buildings with a height of 30-storey. The skating rink and outdoor square with water scenery connect the 5 shopping malls. The 460,000 square meters buildings make Sanlitun SOHO like a concentrated urban landscape. It is the most popular outdoor Pedestrian Commercial Block and Leisure Square in Beijing. It is called Causeway Bay in Beijing.
Bedroom(s) and size: 
1 bedroom 108-122 square meters
2 bedrooms 138-182 square meters
3 bedrooms 193-499 square meters
Advantages of Sanlitun SOHO:
1. The unique architectural pattern and the glass curtain walls of the buildings are full of modern fashion sense;
2. Shops of all sizes in Sanlitun SOHO are very convenient for shopping and living;
3. It is located in the 2nd embassy zone of Beijing, it's convenient for those expats who work at the nearby embassies;
4. Sanlitun is the most international area in Beijing with various top brands and luxury stores;
5. It is the best place for night life in Beijing, the famous Sanlitun bar street is in the area;
6. The property management is quite good. All staffs are well trained, they work in strict compliance with the company's property management procedures, both landlords and residents are satisfied.


2. Centrium Residence 

Centrium Residence is another high-end foreign-related compound in Sanlitun area. It is a fully enclosed community. It is composed of 2 slab-type apartment buildings. One building is 19 stories high, east-west orientation, the other one is 16 stories high, north-south orientation. The layout of Centrium Residence is divided into 2 types: big layout and small layout. In the area of big layout, there are 3 lifts and 2 apartments on each floor; in the area of small layout, there are 3 lifts and 3 apartments on each floor.
Bedroom(s) and size: 
1 bedroom   65-95 square meters
2 bedrooms 170 square meters
3 bedrooms 200-299 square meters
Advantages of Centrium Residence:
1. Centrium Residence is a high end fully enclosed community, and the building quality is high;
2. The Central Garden and waterscape make the community like a fairyland on earth, which is rare in the busy areas of Beijing;
3. The property management is good. It is a well-known international property company, Colliers International, responsible for its property management;
4. Centrium Residence is only 550 meters away from TaiKoo Li Sanlitun where there are lots of luxury stores, restaurants and coffee shops, very convenient for life;
5. Centrium Residence is very convenient in transportation. It is only 300 meters away from Tuanjiehu Metro Station of Line 10 and 500 meters away from the North Road of the East 3rd Ring.


3. Shimao Gongsan 

Shimao Gongsan is a comprehensive international building with high technology, high intelligence, high quality and leading fashion trend. It is a landmark complex in city center with brand commerce, hotels, apartments and class A hardcover office buildings. Shimao Gongsan is located in Gongi North Road, Sanlitun, Chaoyang District, Beijing. It is close to Embassy Zone, Chaowai Business District, Lufthansa Business District and CBD golden areas.
Bedroom(s) and size: 
Studio 62-90 square meters
1 bedroom 103-112 square meters
1 bedroom + 1 reading room 136 square meters
2 bedrooms 142-143 square meters
Advantages of Shimao Gongsan:
1. Most units of Shimao Gongsan have large outdoor terraces with a nice view, especially those units which are on high floors, the view is great;
2. The building is constructed with high quality standard, there are fewer building problems during living;
3. There are numerous shops, stores and restaurants on the ground floor and in the vicinity of the building, it is very convenient for the tenants;
4. It is only 670 meters away from TaiKoo Li Sanlitun where there are lots of luxury stores, restaurants and coffee shops, very convenient for life;
5. It is only 900 meters away from Sanlitun Bar Street, it is good for night life;
6. It is only 470 meters away from Beijing Worker’s Stadium where often holds large football matches;
7. The property management is very standardized and strict. It is completely the property management standard of high-end residential areas. Residents are assured and satisfied to live there.


4. East Avenue

East Avenue is located in the center of Sanlitun area which is popular in Beijing for its restaurants and nightlife. It is a high-level residential compound which integrates transportation, residence and commerce. It is one of the most popular residences for foreigners from multinational corporations, embassies and international organizations etc.
Bedroom(s) and size: 
Studio 60 square meters
1 bedroom 83-114 square meters
2 bedrooms 135-165 square meters
3 bedrooms 175-350 square meters
1 bedroom + 1 reading room 99 square meters
3 bedrooms + 1 reading room 218 square meters

Advantages of East Avenue:
1. East Avenue has its own commercial supporting facilities, such as bank, supermarket, restaurant, hairdressing salon, pharmacy, dental clinic and so on. It is very convenient to live in;
2. It has his own fitness club, gym, swimming pool, various fitness courses, and personal coaches;
3. The quality of the house is good. All rooms are uniformly decorated by developers and are high-end equipped;
4. The layout of East Avenue is diversified, which can meet a variety of living needs;
5. There are enough parking spaces provided in East Avenue, the parking ratio is 1:1.35.

5. Guangcai International Mansion
Guangcai International Mansion is a high-end foreign-related residential compound in Worker's Stadium area. It consists of 4 towers. A tower is a unit. Most floors are 3 elevators and 4 apartments. Guangcai International Mansion is mainly on large size apartment units which are 210-470 square meters with good lighting and nice layout. The compound is equipped with sufficient underground parking spaces.
Bedroom(s) and size: 
3 bedrooms 217 square meters
4 bedrooms 272-273 square meters
5 bedrooms 375-470 square meters
Advantages of Guangcai International Mansion:
1. There is an aerial garden enclosed by the 4 towers of Guangcai International Mansion, it is half the size of a football field, with fountain water and a pavilion, it is a super great place to take a walk in the evening;
2. The living room and bedrooms are all large floor windows with good lighting and vision;
3. The living room and the master bedroom all have a large balcony, which can be used for many purposes;
4. It has an adequate parking space with a ratio of 1:3;
5. It has a clubhouse, including a gym and a swimming pool;
6. The building quality is high with good waterproof and sound insulation;
7. It is around 1,000 meters to Chaoyangmen of the east 2nd ring road;
8. In the circle of around 1,000-1,500 meters, there are Jingkelong Supermarket, Walmart Supermarket, Workers' Stadium, TaiKoo Li Sanlitun, U Town Mall etc., convenient for living.

6. Grand MOMA
Grand MOMA is located in the core hinterland of the East 2nd Ring Road in Dongzhimen area. It is the intersection of Dongzhimen Business District, Gongti Business District and Lufthansa Business District. It is the landmark of Beijing National Gate. Grand MOMA has a total floor area of 220,000 square meters, consists of 8 high-rise buildings, 4 low-rise skirt buildings and 2 commercial supporting buildings. It is a pure high-end community. Grand MOMA has its own business facilities, including Broadway Cinemathque, Book Bar, Art Center, Supermarket, Medical Clinic, boutique hotel, International Bilingual kindergarten, top-level catering, air corridor club, air leisure and guest space, air swimming pool, air bar and air gymnasium, etc.
Bedroom(s) and size: 
1 bedroom 86-123 square meters
2 bedrooms 129-177 square meters
3 bedrooms 172-321 square meters
4-5 bedrooms 262-500 square meters

Advantages of Grand MOMA:
1. The most important advantage is the constant temperature and humidity fresh air technology system. In MOMA apartments, the indoor temperature will be adjusted to the most comfortable range with seasonal changes throughout the year. No matter how the outdoor temperature changes, people will be in the most comfortable state at home;
2. The distance between the buildings is large, very comfortable;
3. It is a high-end property, each building has its own building management, providing one-to-one housekeeping services;
4. Grand MOMA has its own business supporting, it is convenient for living;
5. The buildings are of good quality and have few problems during living;
6. It has a fountain lake of 6,000 square meters inside the compound, very beautiful landscape;
7. It is 1,000 meters away from Dongzhimen subway station of Line 2, and it is 1.6 kilometers away from Airport Expressway and the 2nd ring road, traffic is convenient;
8. There are enough parking spaces in Grand MOMA, the proportion is 1:1.28;
9. Most units have large floor windows, good lighting in the daytime.

POP MOMA is a high-end community with pleasant and beautiful environment in Dongzhimen area, the address is No.1, Xiangheyuan Road, Dongzhimen, Dongcheng District, Beijing. It is a high-rise slab-tower combination, consists of 10 buildings, 30 stories high. It has totally 2,248 apartment units. The ratio of green space is high, it is 35%. The rate of parking space is 1:1.25.
Bedroom(s) and size: 
Studio 46 square meters
1 bedroom 73-90 square meters
2 bedrooms 85-158 square meters
3 bedrooms 140-304 square meters
Advantages of POP MOMA:
1. The building quality is good, good sound insulation, good waterproofing, especially at external walls and top floor. And the Garage is moisture-proof, and there is a person responsible for;
2. The compound has a 7,000 square meters of live water lake, a children's playground, a fountain square and a multi-functional club house;
3. All units have fresh air system with constant temperature and humidity, very comfortable at home;
4. It is 300 meters away from the airport highway and 500 meters away from the East 2nd Ring Road, traffic is convenient;
5. It is 1,200 meters away from Oriental Kenzo and Raffles City, convenient for shopping.

8. Seasons Park
Seasons Park is a high-end foreign-related residential compound in Dongzhimen area, Beijing. It consists of 22 high-rise slab buildings, of which 10 buildings are north south facing, 12 buildings are east west and south facing, the buildings are 11-26 stories high with independent units. Each floor has 2 elevators and 2 apartments or 2 elevators and 3 apartments. The space between buildings is wide, no obstruction. There is a sunken square in the compound. The 2-stories underground garage is adequate for use.
Bedroom(s) and size:
Studio 45-48 square meters
1 bedroom 70-75 square meters
2 bedrooms 95-128 square meters
3 bedrooms 143-305 square meters
4 bedrooms 250 square meters
6 bedrooms 405-420 square meters

Advantages of Seasons Park:
1. Various types of apartments can meet the diverse needs of residents;
2. The greening rate of the compound reaches 50%, which makes people very comfortable. Such a high greening rate of residential compound is rare in Beijing urban areas;
3. The compound is a celebrity community with a strong life atmosphere. The compound has good humanities and good neighborhood relations. It is very suitable for foreign families to live in;
4. The property management is Jones Lang LaSalle, a world-renowned property management company, its property management aims at improving user experience. Residents have a high recognition of property management;
5. The compound adopts double entrance control; the pedestrian system is separated from vehicle system; the compound is closed management with all-day security;
6. Wu Mart Supermarket is 440 meters on the southwest of the compound; and Oriental Kenzo, a combination of commerce, supermarket and entertainment, is 740 meters on the northwest of the compound, the shopping is convenient;
7. It has an easy access to the transportation network. It is 900 meters away from Dongzhimen subway station of line 2 and airport expressway, 2 kilometers to the entrance of the 2nd ring road, the north bridge of Dongzhimen.

9. Beijing SOHO Residence
Beijing SOHO Residence is located in the center of Lufthansa area, it has a strong international atmosphere and perfect supporting facilities. It consists of 1 building and 2 units, which are divided into East Tower and West Tower. The total height of East Tower is 26 stories, and the total height of West Tower is 29 stories. Beijing SOHO Residence has total 235 apartment units, of which large apartments account for the majority. There are 4 elevators and 6 apartments on each floor.
Bedroom(s) and size:
1 bedroom 70-131 square meters
2 bedrooms 172-300 square meters
3 bedrooms 261-343 square meters
4 bedrooms 352-391 square meters
Advantages of Beijing SOHO Residence:
1. The building is double-glazing, which is sound-insulated, heat-insulated and dust-proof;
2. The building is equipped with fresh air system to purify air;
3. Every two floors comes an apartment with a large terrace;
4. It has a clubhouse on the ground floor with gym, swimming pool, yoga room and massage room;
5. The world’s famous property management company, Savills, is responsible for the property management, it provides housekeeping services, the service is very considerate and reassuring;
6. Jingkelong Supermarket is 200 meters on the north of the building, very convenient;
7. It's easy to go anywhere, it is 800 meters from the East 3rd Ring Road, 500 meters from the airport highway and 610 meters from Liangmaqiao Metro Station of Line 10.

10. Mixion Residence
Mixion Residence is located in the 3rd embassy zone, adjacent to the U.S. Embassy. It is a high-end foreign-related residential compound in Lufthansa area. The compound is divided into residential and hotel-style apartments, consisting of 3 towers and 3 slab buildings. It is an enclosed residential compound. All apartment units are uniformly decorated by developers, which are simple style of North America.
Bedroom(s) and size:
Studio 53-90 square meters
1 bedroom 75-110 square meters
2 bedrooms 105-208 square meters
3 bedrooms 170-245 square meters
4 bedrooms 246-280 square meters

Advantages of Mixion Residence:
1. All units are floor heating in winter, and central air conditioning in summer;
2. There is a garden, a water fountain and a children's playground in the compound, it provides a good place for residents to relax and for children to play after meals;
3. The property of Mixion Residence is managed by a high-end property management team, which provides a meticulous and considerate housekeeping service;
4. It is 1.5 kilometers away from Liangmaqiao Metro Station of Line 10 and the entrance of the 3rd Ring Road, traffic is convenient.

11. Central Park
Central Park is one of the largest international communities in Beijing currently, and it is the most popular residential compound in Beijing CBD area for foreigners. Located in the core area of Beijing CBD, it is a semi-open and semi-closed community. It consists of 4 groups of 26 buildings and is completed in 4 phases.
Bedroom(s) and size:
Studio 63-85 square meters
1 bedroom 62-140 square meters
2 bedrooms 95-140 square meters
3 bedrooms 147-237 square meters
4 bedrooms 217-427 square meters
Advantages of Central Park:
1. Central park is jointly developed by Beijing Vantone Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Hongkong Land Holdings Limited. The quality of the property is very good;
2. Each of the four groups of the buildings is closed, with private gardens. The private gardens in Phase I and Phase IV are large and have children's entertainment facilities;
3. The space between buildings is large with good lighting and every unit has a nice view;
4. The parking space is adequate with a ratio of 1:1.12;
5. The greening rate of the compound is high, it is 42.7%. Beijing CBD Municipal Central Park is half encircled by the buildings of the second and third phase;
6. There are all kinds of commercial shops on the first floor of the compound, people can enjoy the convenience of shopping and eating without leaving the compound;
7. High-level office buildings and shopping malls are standing in the vicinity of Central Park, China World Trade Center, Fortune Financial Center and other high-level office buildings are close at hand. It is convenient to go to work and go shopping;
8. The east side of the community is 440 meters away from Jintai Xizhao Metro Station of Line 10 and the north side is 590 meters away from Dongdaqiao Metro Station of Line 6.

12. Fortune Plaza

Fortune Plaza is a high-level urban complex in Beijing CBD. The apartment building of Fortune Plaza is divided into the South Tower and the North Tower. The South Tower is 45 floors high and the North Tower is 42 floors high. Fortune Plaza has a total of 458 households. 1 elevator and 2 apartments are on each floor. There is a small yard in Fortune Plaza.
Bedroom(s) and size:
Studio 85-96 square meters
1 bedroom 82-94 square meters
2 bedrooms 123-167 square meters
3 bedrooms 143-202 square meters
4 bedrooms 368 square meters
Advantages of Fortune Plaza:
1. It is a nice apartment building with high-end glass exterior curtain walls, magnificent lobby and double glazing with sound insulation;
2. There is a fountain in front of the entrance of the apartment building;
3. It has adequate parking space with a ratio of 1:1;
4. From the corridor on the second floor, there is direct access to Fortune Mall. Food, beverage, entertainment, shopping and leisure are all available;
5. Most tenants are expats or Fortune 500 executives with a strong international atmosphere;
6. It is only 110 meters to Jintaixizhao station of Metro line 10, and 710 meters from the entrance of the auxiliary road of the East Third Ring Road, transportation is very convenient.


13. Fortune Heights

Fortune Heights is a view apartment building with high privacy built by Beijing Xiangjiang Xingli Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. in Beijing CBD core area. The building has high quality. All apartment units are high rise, from 32 to 60 floor. The ones on the top floor are large duplex apartments.
Bedroom(s) and size:
1 bedroom 105-113 square meters
2 bedrooms 136-147 square meters
3 bedrooms 234-348 square meters
4 bedrooms 400-586 square meters
5 bedrooms 570-855 square meters
Advantages of Fortune Heights:
1. The apartments are of high quality and there has been no unexpected water leakage;
2. All units are uniform and refined decoration by developers, with high decoration standards.
3. The second floor of the building leads directly to Fortune Mall, which includes brand clothing stores, Food City, Beauty Nail Shops, life supermarket and coffee shop, etc.
4. The 5th floor of the building is a clubhouse, there is a gym in the clubhouse, it connects directly to the Millennium Residences. Business reception is very convenient;
5. The parking space is adequate with an allocation ratio of 1:1;
6. The property service is good, housekeeping service is provided, and the security is on duty all day;
7. 470 meters on the west of the building, it is Jintai Xizhao Station of Metro Line 10; and the building is adjacent to the 3rd Ring Road. Driving on the 3rd Ring Road is fast and convenient.

14. Xanadu

Xanadu is a fully enclosed residential compound in Beijing CBD. It is quiet in the bustling China World Trade Center business circle. It composed of 3 high rise towers. There are 3 elevators and 8 households on each floor. 
Bedroom(s) and size:
1 bedroom   109-110 square meters
2 bedrooms 170-171 square meters
3 bedrooms 170-180 square meters
4 bedrooms 375-395 square meters
5 bedrooms 398 square meters
Advantages of Xanadu:
1. The compound has a large enclosed private garden of 40,000 square meters; 
2. The apartment layout is square and upright, there is no corner missing;
3. The buildings are high decoration quality;
4. The community has its own clubhouse, swimming pool, gym and garden fitness activity area;
5. The property management is quite good with strict security management procedures and considerate housekeeping services;
6. 300 meters on the west of the north gate is Hujialou metro station of line 6 and line 10 and the east 3rd ring road, traffic is convenient.

15. Gemdale International Garden

Gemdale International Garden is located on the east side of China World Trade Center in the east 3rd ring road in Beijing CBD, it is one of ten famous apartment buildings in Beijing. It used to be a luxury housing project in Beijing. The compound is closed with good environment and the buildings are surrounded by 2 gardens. It consists of 5 buildings, 28-35 floors high. One disadvantage of Gemdale International Garden is that the parking space is a little tight.
Bedroom(s) and size:
2 bedrooms 112-163 square meters
3 bedrooms 168-199 square meters
3 bedrooms 266-430 square meters

Advantages of Gemdale International Garden:
1. The buildings are high-quality, using double-layer vacuum glass and waterproof gypsum board, waterproof and sound insulation is very good;
2. It is mainly on 3 bedrooms, all of which are transparent from north to south, with south facing;
3. The community has its own clubhouse with a leisure center, swimming pool and coffee shop;
4. There are children's playground, basketball court and tennis court in the compound;
5. Opposite the compound, it is Gemdale Plaza which is a complex of high-end office building and a shopping center. Wanda Plaza, New World Department Store and Wal-Mart Supermarket are in the southwest corner, and SKP, a famous luxury store is in the east. It is a very convenient place for shopping;
6. The property management is quite good, it provides 24-hour security services and 18-hour front desk services;
7. It is only 300 meters away from Dawanglu subway station of line 1 and line 14, 1.9 kilometers to the entrance of the east 3rd ring road at Guomao Bridge.

16. Park Avenue

Park Avenue is the most popular foreign related residential compound in Chaoyang Park area. It is opposite the South Gate of Chaoyang Park. It is surrounded by 3 parks: Junwangfu Park, Chaoyang Park and Honglingjin Park. The air is particularly good in the area of Park Avenue. There are 5 apartment buildings in Park Avenue, of which building 1, building 2 and building 3 can directly enjoy the beautiful scenery of Chaoyang Park.
Bedroom(s) and size:
2 bedrooms 97-152 square meters
3 bedrooms 161-336 square meters
4 bedrooms 211-425 square meters

Advantages of Park Avenue:
1. Park Avenue is American style high-rise apartments. Every unit has a more than 5 square meters of outdoor balcony, and the coverage of floor windows reached 75%;
2. There are laundry, bakery, supermarket, coffee shop, hairdressing salon, clinic, fitness and swimming facilities in Park Avenue, which can satisfy the basic daily life of its residents;
3. It has adequate parking spaces;
4. It is close to Chaoyang Park, the largest city park in Asia, with a linear distance of only 250 meters;
5. It is 760 meters away from Chaoyang Park Metro Station of Metro Line 14 and only 1.5 kilometers away from the entrance of East 4th Ring North Road, traffic is convenient;
6. The compound property management is very good. The world-renowned property management company- Jones Lang LaSalle is responsible for;
7. The compound of Park Avenue has a large area of open green space, and a large children's playground with slide, seesaw, trampoline and other children's entertainment facilities, it is a famous family friendly compound in Beijing.


17. Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a high-end building complex, located in Chaoyang Park area, with a total of 11 buildings, which are all high-rise ones. The buildings are reasonable distributed, large spacing, good lighting. Of which building 2 and 5 are panoramic buildings, building 3 and 4 are scenic buildings.
Bedroom(s) and size:
1 bedroom 123 square meters
2 bedrooms 138-175 square meters
3 bedrooms 160-280 square meters
4 bedrooms 370 square meters
Advantages of Palm Springs:
1. The room layout is reasonable, every unit has a good orientation and landscape, and all units have bright bathrooms with windows;
2. The units of 3 bedrooms, 220 square meters are north-south transparent layout with independent landscape elevators, a great viewing experience;
3. The buildings are cleaned and maintained twice a year, which makes the buildings look new and well maintained;
4. There is a fantastic fountain in the main entrance of Palm Springs, and there is a children's playground inside the compound;
5. The 38,000 square meters of distinctive central garden forms a unique landscape;
6. The Palm Springs International Club in the north gate includes a gym, a large swimming pool, a SPA, a cigar & red wine bar where is an ideal place for business meetings; on the south of the compound, it is Jingkelong supermarket, and on the west gate, it is the community life square, shopping and catering are all available;
7. In the south-western corner of the compound, it is community clinic, and in the south-eastern corner, it is Etonkids bilingual kindergarten, the supporting facilities are perfect;
8. It is 2.6 kilometers from SOLANA Lifestyle Shopping Center and 3.5 kilometers from Canadian International School;
9. It is only 350 meters away from Chaoyang Park Metro Station of Line 14 and 2.2 kilometers away from the entrance of the East Fourth Ring Road, it's very convenient to travel around.

18. Park Apartments
Park Apartments is a high-rise slab building, located at the West Gate of Chaoyang Park. It has only a total of 1 building divided into A, B, C, D, 4 units. The building adopts staggered floor design, and all units are North-South transparent layout. 2 elevators, 2 apartments are on each floor, this feature is good for privacy. The majority of its residents are expatriates, who are mostly business executives.
Bedroom(s) and size:
3 bedrooms + 1 study room 245-265 square meters
5 bedrooms 440-460 square meters

Advantages of Park Apartments:
1. It is located at the west gate of Chaoyang Park, so the air is good;
2. There are only 160 households, it is a low-density community, very comfortable;
3. The building quality is excellent, thick wall, sound insulation effect is good;
4. It has its own private clubhouse, including swimming pool, gym, and yoga room, etc.;
5. It has a 2-stories underground garage with sufficient parking spaces, the parking ratio is 1:1.5;
6. It is close to 2 Metro Stations, 830 meters from Tuanjiehu Metro Station of line 10 and 700 meters from Chaoyang Park Metro Station of line 14, convenient to shuttle in the city;
7. It is only 1.8 kilometers from the entrance of the East Third Ring Road, very easy to drive to the main road.

19. Beijing Golf Palace

Beijing Golf Palace is a low-density, foreign related apartment compound, the living environment is very comfortable. It is situated at the West Gate of Chaoyang Park between the East Third Ring Road and the East Fourth Ring Road. It has convenient transportation and is close to Chaoyang Park. All apartments are large size, the smallest apartments are 3 bedrooms, with 3 bathrooms, and the nanny room has its own bathroom. Beijing Golf Palace is slab structure, North-South transparent layout, every unit has ceiling to floor windows.
Bedroom(s) and size:
3 bedrooms 258-274 square meters
4 bedrooms 310 square meters
5 bedrooms 540 square meters
Advantages of Beijing Golf Palace:
1. The compound park is well planned, very beautiful;
2. The compound is not close to the street, very quiet;
3. Every unit has its own housekeeper who provides bilingual services and is responsible for all household affairs in the compound;
4. All interior decoration materials and configurations are imported when the developer delivered the house;
5. The compound has its own clubhouse, which is only for its residents, not for the public, good privacy.

20. Victoria Garden

Victoria Garden is at the West Gate of Chaoyang Park. It is an enclosed 7-11-stories apartment building, designed by Australian designers, has a total of 1 building and 12 units. The main layout is 2-4 bedrooms with an area of 136-220 square meters, and all units are transparent.
Bedroom(s) and size:
2 bedrooms 125-220 square meters
3 bedrooms 150-360 square meters
4 bedrooms 210-380 square meters
5 bedrooms 400 square meters
Advantages of Victoria Garden:
1. All units are modern simple style, which is the current fashionable style;
2. The compound is large spacing with adequate lighting, very comfortable;
3. The building is of excellent quality with good waterproof treatment and good sound insulation effect;
4. All apartments are equipped with central air conditioning, fresh air system and floor heating. Not only it is environmentally friendly, but it's comfortable all year round;
5. All units are uniformly configured by developer, German Miele kitchenware, and a complete set of German imported flooring;
6. 1 elevator, 1 household and 1 elevator, 2 households are on each floor, good privacy;
7. It is 1 km away from Lucky Street Food Street and 1.1 km away SOLANA Lifestyle Shopping Center, it is convenient for eating and shopping;
8. It is only 370 meters away from the west gate 2 of Chaoyang Park, the air quality in this area is excellent, and it's convenient to go to the park for exercise and leisure in spare time;
9. It is 1.1 kilometers away from Zaoying Metro Station of Line 14 and 2.1 kilometers away from the entrance of the East Third Ring Road, it's very convenient to travel.

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