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Gateway Plaza


Commercial Area: East Third Ring

Subway: Line 10

Size Range: 150-3000㎡

Rent Range: ¥13-15/㎡/day

About Gateway Plaza

Gateway Plaza is next to the East Third Ring Road with convenient transportation. It is composed of two first-class office buildings, skirt building and large underground parking garage. It is the inspiration representative work of P&TGROUP, a top international architect company.

Gateway Plaza has attached facilities on the first floor to the third floor, the underground floor and the top floor of the North Block to provide services for customers in the building, including commercial and leisure facilities such as bank, post office, express delivery center, business center, Chinese and Western restaurants, swimming pool, health and leisure center and high-level club, providing customers with various business support services while providing more effective communication places.
The building adopts the international top elevator brand Schindler. There are 20 elevators in the office building. There are 8 passenger elevators in Block A and Block B respectively, and they operate in high and low areas at the same time, and 2 special passenger elevators for dignitaries are set up for 24 hours operation.
Building Parameters
Standard Floor Height: 3.6 meters
Net Floor Height: 2.8 meters
Lobby Floor Height: 12 meters
Covering Land Area: 17,690 square meters
Total Building Area: 141,075 square meters
Standard Floor Area: 2,300 square meters
Plot Ratio: 7.97
Greening Rate: 30%
Exterior Wall: glass curtain wall
Structure: frame structure
Developer: Beijing Jiacheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Property Company: JONES LANG LASALLE
Is it registrable? yes
Is it foreign-related? yes
Property Matching
Type of Air Conditioning: centralized central air conditioning
Are elevators partitioned? yes
Air Conditioning Opening Time: Monday to Friday 8:30 to 18:30, Saturday to Sunday 10:00 to 18:00
Overground Parking Spaces: 120
Underground Parking Spaces: 1,000
Network Communication: China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, China Tietong Telecom
Building Matching: Bank, ATM, Restaurant, Convenience Store, Laundry, Conference Room
Security System: IC Card Control System, Closed Circuit TV Monitoring System, Door Sensor Monitoring System, 24-hour Patrol System, Parking Control and License Plate Recognition System, Emergency Power Supply, Lighting and Amplifier System, Intelligent Automatic Fire Detection System

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