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CITIC Building


Commercial Area: Jianguomen

Subway: Line 1

Size Range: 100-1000sqm

Rent: 18RMB/sqm/d

About CITIC Building

CITIC Building is a modern office building in Beijing. It is located in Jianguomen, East Chang'an Street, the golden section of Beijing Central Business District, only 3.5 kilometers away from Tian'anmen Square.

Essential Information
Region: Jianguomen, Chaoyang District
Building Address: No. 19 Jianguomen Wai Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Loop Position: within the 2nd ring road
Property Category: Standard Office Building (Class A)
Office Grade: Grade A
Total Floors: 29 floors above ground and 2 floors below ground
Developer: CITIC Group
Year Built: March 1, 1985
Property Company: Beijing CITIC Building Property Management Co., Ltd.
Building Area: 60,000 square meters
Is office space separable: yes
Elevator Number: 8 passenger elevators, 1 cargo elevator
Air Conditioning: central air conditioning, “Carrier” refrigeration equipment  
Decoration Status: fine decoration in public areas
Parking spaces: 200 underground
Metro: Jianguomen Station of Metro Line 1 and Line 2
Internal Supporting:
On the first floor of the main building of CITIC Building, there are banks and post office; and on the second floor, there are domestic and international air ticket agencies; located on the fourth floor, it is International Conference Hall, it is well-decorated and equipped with modern facilities.

International Conference Hall is an intelligent international conference center integrating simultaneous translation, multimedia projection, remote video transmission and network information service. It can meet the needs of different types of conferences such as business negotiation, academic discussion, press release, product introduction and personnel training. The international conference hall has an open space with arbitrary demand, which can easily form large, medium and small conference space of different sizes. The international conference hall can accommodate 199 people, the conference hall A can accommodate 140 people, and the conference hall B can accommodate 59 people.

In the west of the fourth floor, there is also a small conference room for 18 people and a VIP hall with 10 seats; and there is a Tea Room in the west area of fourth floor too, it provides tea, beverage, coffee and other services, it is an elegant and comfortable place for business contacts and friends meeting.
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