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Beijing Thumbs Up Real Estate Official Website/Damei Central Plaza

Damei Central Plaza


Commercial Area: Qingnianlu

Subway: Line 6

Size Range: 39-2000sqm

Rent Range: 9-13RMB/sqm/d

About Damei Central Plaza

With a total floor area of 350,000 square meters, Damei Central Plaza is designed by designer in chief of National Museum, Stefan Schutz. It is a high-end commercial complex that integrates modern German architectural style with the spirit of Oriental traditional culture. The project is located at 2 kilometers east of Chaoyang Park Bridge, occupying the core area of CBD Eastern Expansion Zone, surrounded by six major business circles such as Chaoqing and China World Trade Center.

The project is divided into East and West areas. The East area is composed of an international super-grade 5A office building of 180,000 square meters, an art theme business of 45,000 square meters, a hotel serviced apartment of 23,000 square meters, and a President residence of 9,000 square meters. The west area is a few rare enterprise clubs.

Damei Central Plaza is surrounded by 4 buildings, the atrium is cross-axis, with double gardens on the ground and in the air, taking the artistic conception of the traditional courtyard, a place of tolerance to heaven and earth. The facade style is simple and magnificent, adopted palace level stones and unit tape low-E glasses, which are long-lasting and classic. The main entrance of the project is based on National Museum, created a 23 meters high colonnade group, solemn and magnificent. The building is 150 meters high, it is the First Building Height in the region, established the landmark image of Damei Central Plaza in the core area of CBD's eastward expansion.
Developer: Beijing Baihao Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Metro: Qingnianlu Station of line 6 is 1 km on the south of the project, and metro line 3 is only 200 meters away from the project, which is scheduled to open in 2020.

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