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Property Type: Apartment

Area: Dongzhimen

Subway: Line 2, Line 13

Bedroom Range: 0-3 bedroom(s)

Size Range: 46-304sqm

Rent Range: 8500-50000RMB/m


POP MOMA is one of a few large communities near the 2nd ring road of Beijing, in the north-east corner of Dongzhimen, on the intersection of the 2nd and the 3rd ring road and National Guest Avenue. It is developed by Modern Green Land Holding Co., Ltd. 

The internal environment of POP MOMA is incomparable. Its landscape was designed by the famous Japanese landscape architect Akiyama Hiroshi. In his design, he displayed all the advantages of waterscape: water viewing, water loving and water playing. By doing so, the project contributed to the city landscape, and meanwhile, it also makes the tenements of POP MOMA enjoy a high quality of life.
Plenty of tree species were planted in POP MOMA, which reduces pollution and dust. Among the species of trees, just the species of arbor and shrub are more than 40 species.
Supporting Facilities of POP MOMA:
POP MOMA is equipped with a full range of living service facilities, there are badminton, gym, indoor swimming pool and other fitness and food and beverage facilities.
Basic Information of POP MOMA:
POP MOMA is composed of phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3, total 10 apartment buildings with 3 different colors. Phase 1 is the buildings with grey color. Phase 2 consists of 2 slab buildings with the color of silver and black, and phase 3 is made up of 3 conjoined towers with coffee color.
POP MOMA covers a land of 120,000 square meters, its gross construction area is 600,000 square meters. The rate of green space of POP MOMA is 35%,the area of green space is 43,700 square meters. There are about 7,000 square meters of water in the green space. The bottom of the pool is covered with soil, planting lotus and other aquatic plants, it ensures the greening rate of the green space itself is up to 70%.
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