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Beijing Thumbs Up Real Estate Official Website/Beijing Golf Palace

Beijing Golf Palace

Property Type: Apartment

Area: Chaoyang Park

Subway: Line 10

Bedroom Range: 3-5 bedroom(s)

Size Range: 258-540sqm

Rent Range: 35000-80000RMB/m

About Beijing Golf Palace

Beijing Golf Palace-apartments for rent in Chaoyang park, Beijing for expats

Beijing Golf Palace is next to the 3rd embassy zone of Beijing on the north, only 700 meters away from the largest city park in Asia, Chaoyang Park, the address is: No. 8, South Area Xili, Chaoyang Park, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.

Beijing Golf Palace is in an area where the beautiful environment can be seen everywhere, and all places are filled with fresh air. It is in an area where converges multiple earliest high end foreign apartments of Beijing, it is one of the most beloved living circles in Beijing for expats.  
The green belt on both sides of the street of Beijing Golf Palace was planned according to the standard of the embassy zone. All trees planted are precious tree species; Ginkgo trees and clove trees, known as living fossils, make the living atmosphere very charming.

Beijing Golf Palace is a lofty and an unparalleled residential place, private and quiet, difficult to find in the city. It satisfies the super high pursuit of the successful people with both the value and the view, a noble enjoyment of the number one in the city.
Traffic of Beijing Golf Palace:
The location of Beijing Golf Palace is convenient, it has a direct access to the east 3rd ring road and the east 4th ring road. It is 900 meters away from Zaoying subway station of line 14.
Basic Information of Beijing Golf Palace:
Type of architecture: slab-type building
Total land: 17,000 square meters
Gross construction area: 88,000 square meters
Total apartments: 336
Total buildings: 3
Greening rate: 35%
Plot ration: 3.60
Parking space: 315
The 3 apartment buildings of Beijing Golf Palace formed a graceful arc shape. The height of the buildings is from 15 story to 20 story.

Layout and Size of Beijing Golf Palace:
All apartments of Beijing Golf Palace are hardcover mansions with international brand, and all apartments of Beijing Golf Palace are over 250 square meters, and the layout is 3-6 bedrooms.
One lift one apartment unit on each floor, and IC card controls the lift from garage to lodgment. On the top of each apartment building, it is an air leap villa of an aircraft carrier level, nearly 1,000 square meters. Standing there, all pretty sights of Chaoyang Park can be viewed.

Developer: Beijing Luneng Tianrun Hexin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Property management: Beijing Luneng Property Management Co., Ltd.
Beijing Thumbs Up Real Estate: a professional Beijing real estate agents team. The business scope of Beijing thumbs Up real estate is to rent Beijing apartments, Beijing villas, Beijing serviced apartments, Beijing courtyards and Beijing offices for expats in Beijing. Please contact us at: or at+86137 1848 9718, we will find out the best home and office for you. 

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