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Capital Paradise

Property Type: Apartment, Villa

Area: Shunyi

Subway: Line 15

Bedroom Range: 2-5 bedroom(s)

Size Range: 72-450㎡

Rent Range: ¥8000-40000/month

About Capital Paradise

Capital Paradise-villas, apartments for rent in Beijing, China for Expats

Capital Paradise is a large villa project invested by Sino Hongkong joint venture, located on the riverbank of Wenyu River of Jingshun Road of Beijing. Capital Paradise was built by fusing the European architectural style with natural environment, it is only 5 kilometers to Beijing Capital International Airport.
Living in Capital Paradise, it is not only an enjoyment of the busy city but also an experience of the serenity of countryside. The address of Capital Paradise is: No. 6 of Yuyang Road, Houshayu Town, Central Villa District of Shunyi, Beijing, China.
Capital Paradise is developed by 4 stages, total 839 units including villas and apartments. Villas of Capital Paradise made up of: single villas, double villas and townhouses. Apartments of Capital Paradise is comprised of 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and duplex. Such a diversified property layout caters for different people’s requirements and tastes.
Basic Information of Capital Paradise:
Property type: villa and apartment
Gross construction area: 170,000 square meters
Total units: 839
Plot ratio: 0.4
Green coverage: 30%
Parking space: 1:1 with an additional 100 public parking places, sufficient parking space
Layouts and sizes of Capital Paradise:
single villas-228 square meters,
double villas-193 square meters,
townhouses-153 square meters
2 bedrooms-72 square meters,
3 bedrooms-145 square meters
Duplex: 206 square meters
The main layout of Capital Paradise is single villas of 228 square meters, loft living room, south orientation, strong sun light. In addition, there are also some big size single villas in Capital Paradise. Some landlords enlarged the construction on the basis of the original construction.
Supporting Facilities of Capital Paradise:
There is a deluxe clubhouse in Capital Paradise, it is designed by a well-known designer, luxurious and magnificent, the workout and recreational facilities are all well-equipped in Capital Paradise.
Indoor and outdoor swimming pool, gym, sauna, Squash court, bowling alley, reading room, coffee shop, indoor and outdoor tennis court, basketball court, Children's playground, elderly fitness facilities; besides, there are also business center, Chinese and Western restaurant, Karaoke, artificial lake, barbecue and so on, the leisure life is colorful.
Neighborhood of Capital Paradise:
Shopping: Shine Hills, Pinnacle Plaza, EURO Plaza Shopping Mall
Bank: Bank of Communications, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, Bank of Beijing
Hospital: Beijing Airport Hospital, United Family Hospital
School: International School of Beijing, Beijing New Talent Academy, British School of Beijing, Western Academy of Beijing, Keystone Academy, Harrow International School Beijing, Dulwich
College Beijing
Property management: Beijing Gloria Properties
Developer: Beijing Mingdu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
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