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Blue Castle International

Property Type: Apartment

Area: CBD

Subway: Line 1

Layout: 5 bedroom(s)

Size: 398㎡

Rent: ¥55000/month

Advantages of This Unit

Are you going to rent a top floor duplex apartment of large size with a big outdoor terrace in Beijing CBD? This apartment is suitable. This is a duplex apartment on top floor located in Blue Castle International in Beijing CBD. It has 5 bedrooms with an area of 398 square meters. It has a large outdoor terrace. It is newly renovated and almost unfurnished. However, the kitchen is well equipped with an embedded oven, a large capacity refrigerator of double doors, a gas stove of multiple burners and a range hood. The oven and refrigerator are placed on the same plane, very space saving and easy to operate. There is a workbench in the middle of the kitchen, very convenient. Are you interested in this apartment?

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About Blue Castle International

Blue Castle International is located in the CBD core area of Beijing, No.3 West Dawang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. 500 meters around Blue Castle International, the new site of CCTV, Beijing Television Center are in this circle.
From Blue Castle International to the south less than 300 meters, it is Dawang Road subway station on Jianguo Road of Chang'an Street extension line, and then less than 1,000 meters to the west through MOTOROLA, HP, China Merchants Tower and China Garments Mansion, it is the area where many top international business centers are situated in, such as China World Trade Center, Kerry Center etc.
Surrounding Life Matching:
40 meters on the east of Blue Castle International, it is Beijing SKP, 50 meters on the west is Gemdale Plaza, 80 meters on the west, it is Wanda Cinema, and Walmart supermarket.
On the east of Building N of Blue Castle International, it is entrance E of Dawang Road subway station, Dawang Road Station is the transfer station of Line 1 and Line 14, the passenger flow is very large.

Developer: Beijing Jianhua Shidai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Property Management: China World Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

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