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Yosemite Villas

Property Type: Villa

Area: Shunyi

Subway: Line 15

Layout: 4 bedroom(s)

Size: 389㎡

Rent: ¥46000/month

Advantages of This Unit

This is a semi detached villa with a big private garden located in Yosemite Villas in Shunyi, Beijing for rent. It has 4 bedrooms with an area of 389 square meters. It is unfurnished, however, the furniture can be provided, if the tenant requests. The ceiling of the living room is very high, very magnificent. The kitchen is well equipped, and there is a workbench of marble countertop in the kitchen, very convenient. The master bathroom is spacious and bright with a big window.

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About Yosemite Villas

Yosemite-villas and apartments for rent in Shunyi, Beijing, China for Expats
Standing on the heart of Central Villa area along Wenyu River, Jingshun road, Yosemite is a large world class villa city with a land of 700,000 square meters, it has the same name as the famous national Forest Park of the California Nevada Mountains of the United States. It is praised as the representative work of Central Villa District of Shunyi, Beijing, China. The address is No. 4, Yuyang Road, Houshayu, Shunyi District, Beijing.

​Yosemite possesses a natural living environment with a strong international life atmosphere, it is the best foothold in the capital city.
Seated on the first viewing row of the north shore of Wenyu River, Yosemite has a great natural scenery of the river ecological corridor. The water lake of 100,000 square meters inside Yosemite together with wooden pontoon bridges, gurgling brooks, crisscross lakesides make the vast lake correspond to Wenyu River, formed a unique double water landscape.
Yosemite fosters a large green belt of 1,000 meters long, 60 meters wide along Wenyu River, it is a private riverbank park of 60,000 square meters. There is a football field and tennis court in the park.
The exquisite villas, international schools, foreign entertainment places and supporting facilities in the area of Yosemite attracted lots of celebrities from domestic and abroad to gather there.
Neighborhood of Yosemite:
Within 3 kilometers from Yosemite, there are: Jenny Wang SupermarketShine HillsPinnacle PlazaEURO Plaza Shopping Mall and landlords’ exclusive leisure parksInternational School of Beijing is opposite to the east gate of area C of Yosemite, it is invested and constructed by 17 embassies in China. Beijing New Talent Academy is also very close to Yosemite, the distance is just 700 meters.  
Supporting Facilities of Yosemite:
Yosemite has 3 clubs, of which the main club is 14,000 square meters with super five-star configuration and Spa. The club integrates big supermarketrestaurant, swimming poolgym and tennis. SPA draws hot springs from a deep well of 2,800 meters underground, in addition to providing hot spring to SPA, it can also be used for bath for its residents.  
Basic Information of Yosemite:
There are 4 areas in Yosemite: area A, area B, area C and area D.
Area A is a detached villa area, size is 777-1520 square meters with large gardens and lifts.
Area B is a detached villa area too, it takes the Ring Road of the community as a base, divided into east, west and lake area.
Area C further enriches the variety and connotation of the product, it inherits the essence of traditional Chinese courtyard Art, there are townhouses, semi-detached villas, detached villas and apartments in Area C, the main layout of Area C is townhouse and semi-detached villa, size is 356-477 square meters.
Area D of Yosemite is made up of detached villas, townhouses and courtyard houses.
Total villas: 591
Total apartments: 80

Traffic of Yosemite:
Yosemite is close to Beijing Capital International airport and Jingshun road. Airport Expressway is located in the east of the villa area. The expressway on the north side leads to Olympic Village. It's only 2 kilometers from Houshayu entrance of Jingcheng Expressway, around 10 minutes to the north 4th Ring Road. Jingshun Road, Jingcheng Expressway and Airport Expressway constituted a fast transportation network in all directions.

Developer: Beijing Bishuiyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Property management: Yosemite Property Management Co., Ltd
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