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Chateau Regalia

Property Type: Villa

Area: Shunyi

Subway: Line 15

Layout: 3 bedroom(s)

Size: 350㎡

Rent: ¥45000/month

Advantages of This Unit

This is a single family villa located in Chateau Regalia in Central Villa District of Shunyi, Beijing for rent. It has 3 bedrooms with an area of 350 square meters. It is European style, fully furnished. It is 2 stories high, and all 3 bedrooms are on the second floor. This villa is in good condition.

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About Chateau Regalia

Chateau Regalia is located at the exit of Yanglin Avenue of the Capital International Airport of Shunyi. It is a complex of townhouses, single villas, and stacked villas, developed by Beijing Ligao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. The landscape residence is the main feature of Chateau Regalia.
Chateau Regalia covers an area of 169,000 square meters and is situated on the riverside scenery line of 3,300 meters along the Wenyu River. The project emphasizes quiet and elegant garden living environment. The unit area of the apartments ranges from 130 square meters to 275 square meters, and villas 323 to 544 square meters. For the layouts of villas, there is a basement, double garages and garden provided.
Chateau Regalia is located in the lofty villa area in the northeast suburb of Beijing where noble and famous people live in, near the exit of Yanglin Avenue on Airport Road. After a quick driving, you turn around at the exit of highway, under the blue sky and pass through the verdant trees and beautiful flowers, once the endless fragrant countryside washes your soul, the majestic gate of Chateau Regalia stands in front of you.

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