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Upper East Side

Property Type: Apartment

Area: Lido

Subway: Line 14

Layout: 4 bedroom(s)

Size: 283㎡

Rent: ¥48000/month

Advantages of This Unit

This is a low floor apartment located in Upper East Side in Lido area, Beijing. It has 4 bedrooms with an area of 283 square meters. This apartment enjoys sunshine on 3 sides, which is rare in apartments in central Beijing. The living room, dining room and bedrooms all have large floor windows, the view is wider and the daylight is better. The kitchen is super large, very comfortable. The furniture in this apartment is basically complete, with some simple style furniture and some solid wood furniture.

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About Upper East Side

Upper East Side is one of the first foreign high-end apartment compounds of Beijing, situated at No.6 the north road of the east 4th ring road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Developed by Yangguang Xinye Real Estate, property managed by SCITECH International Property Management, it is the intersection of 2 foreign business districts of Beijing: Lufthansa business area and Lido business area.
Upper East Side covers a land of 47.53 hectares with a unique natural environment: green belt of the 4th ring road surrounded; one of the main waters of Beijing-Bahe river near at hand; the largest inner-city park of Asia-Chaoyang Park, the huge green area of King’s Garden Villa, and Side Park as well as Lido Park is just on the other side of the street.  

The road network of Upper East Side is well developed. There are a number of traffic arteries: the east 4th ring road, Xiaoyun road and Liangmahe road provide multiple convenient accesses routes to downtown; through airport highway and airport auxiliary road, the Capital International Airport can be reached in 30 minutes.
Building Groups
Upper East Side is one of the largest and the most diverse architectural designs of international community in Beijing, it consists of 3 areas: area A, area B and area C. Area A is a pure residential area; Area B is called Binhe Garden, composed of 16 apartment buildings, of which building 9 and building 16 are high rise buildings; area C is almost like a street, it is divided into 9 apartment building groups C1-C9 by 3 urban corridors and 2 green corridors.
In area C, each of 9 apartment building groups is enclosed by different forms of apartment buildings, the height is 7-32 floors. The boundary between area B and area C is a city road, combined with this city road, a City Plaza, main commercial facilities, entertainment facilities and sport facilities are gathered here, which made the place the center and living room of the entire community.
Supporting Facilities
Plenty supporting facilities on the ground floor of the apartment building group C1: boutique, bank, post office, super market, fitness center, western restaurant etc; on the ground floor of group C2, it is a clubhouse; and on the ground floor of Binhe Garden, there are clubhouse and western restaurants.

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