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Arcadia Villa

Property Type: Villa

Area: Shunyi

Subway: Line 15

Bedroom Range: 4-5 bedroom(s)

Size Range: 280-513sqm

Rent Range: 18000-30000RMB/m

About Arcadia Villa

Arcadia Villa is located in 1,000 meters on the north of Rome Roundabout of Houshayu of Central Villa District of Shunyi, Beijing. There are 3 urban transportation trunk lines around it: Jingshun Road, Jingcheng Expressway and Airport Expressway North Line. They are on the east, the west and the north side of Arcadia Villa. The accessible transportation network of all directions provides Arcadia Villa with convenient transportation.
From Arcadia Villa, you can walk to the famous Roman Lake in the Central Villa District. The Roma Lake has 20 hectares of natural lake surface. The forest and water are interdependent, and the scenery is beautiful. Arcadia Villa takes the strong European manor style as its architectural orientation, which combines the architectural styles of Italy, France and Spain.
Arcadia Villa respects the villa residents' choice of living uniqueness to the maximum. Each building has different facade and layout, even in the wall decals, the arrangement of art stones, and the color patterns have achieved one-room with one model.

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