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Rent Apartment in Beijing Sanlitun

Post time: 2019-01-03 14:56:15    Source: by Emilie LIU

Some foreigners in Beijing like living in Sanlitun area, it's mainly because they like the fashionable atmosphere of Sanlitun very much, or their offices are in Sanlitun. Well then, for these foreigners, which communities are suitable for them to live? Let me list down as follows:
1. Centrium Residence
Centrium Residence is located at No. 4 Gongti North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China, within the east 3rd ring road. This project is the first high-end private residential work launched by China Central Properties. Centrium Residence has a variety of apartment layouts to choose from, from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms, it is a fully enclosed residential compound.
2. Sanlitun SOHO
Sanlitun SOHO is located on the south side of Gongti North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. It consists of 5 shopping malls, 9 office and apartment buildings with a height of 30 floors. The 460,000 square meters building makes it like a concentrated urban landscape. The layout of Sanlitun SOHO is 1-3 bedrooms. For the people who have been to Sanlitun SOHO must be impressed deeply by its outdoor pedestrian shopping district and leisure square, which is very popular in Beijing, it is called the Causeway Bay of Beijing.
3. Shimao Gongsan
Shimao Gongsan is a landmark complex in the city center, located in Sanlitun Gongti North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China, built by Shimao Group with a huge investment of 3 billion yuan. It integrates brand commerce, hotel service apartments and class A hardcover office buildings. It has hotel apartment 504 sets, the unit with the sizes of 60-140 square meters are its main layouts. Using Haier U-home smart home, and equipped with high-grade furniture, electrical appliances, it is the most complete and thoughtful ideal residence in Hotel apartments of Beijing.
4. East Avenue
East Avenue is located at No. 10 Xindong Road, Sanlitun, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. It is a high-end apartment project. The apartment layout is available from studio to 3 bedrooms, which can meet the needs of single customers and also family clients. The greatest advantage of East Avenue is that it has its own club, both gym and various fitness courses as well as swimming pool. Furthermore, underground and surrounding of East Avenue, there are supermarkets, restaurants, Beauty and Hair Salons and other life supporting facilities, very convenient.
5. Shoukai Bojun
Shoukai Bojun is between the East 2nd and 3rd Ring Road, it is opposite to the Canadian Embassy across the street. There are more than 170 national embassies and foreign offices in China around it. It is the intersection of multi-cultures of the Second Embassy zone, Sanlitun Business Circle and the Worker’s Stadium Business Circle. It has internationalized living environment, scientific and technological comfort, multiple property forms, private lobbies of each unit, high class decoration quality standards. The main layout of Shoukai Bojun is 3 bedrooms of 200 square meters, supplemented by a part of 2 bedrooms less than 160 square meters, and 4 bedrooms more than 200 square meters, the smallest layout is studio of 50-80 square meters.
6. International Wonderland
International Wonderland is a fully functional international living special zone integrated with high-grade international apartments, enterprise headquarters, modern art center, international business street and other properties as one. The main layout of International Wonderland is 1 bedroom of 94-101 square meters, 2 bedrooms of 126-135 square meters, and 4 bedrooms of 258 square meters.
7. Joy Court
Joy Court is a modern simple style building, adopting the architectural style of high in the middle and low at east-west, so the architectural form of the building is clear, with full of strong sense of rhythm. Joy Court has a superior geographical location, complete shopping mall functions, complete supporting facilities, crisscrossed and accessible traffic in all directions, strong flavor of science and technology, culture and education. It is a low-density mature community integrating health, culture and education.

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Comments about living in Beijing

  • Angel Hi all, my apartment is in Central Park Post time: 2017-07-25 18:13:58

    Hi all, my apartment is in Central Park, it is a very good place for expats' families. Central Park, located at the heart of Beijing CBD, it is around 5-10 minutes walking distance to Fortune Plaza, World Trade Centre and Five-Star Hotels; The Subway of Line 6 and Line 10 is nearby. There is a Alexander Clubhouse in the compound, it is very popular in CBD area, gym, swimming pool and outdoor tennis court opens everyday. There are 2 supermarkets here, Jenny Lou's and April Gourmet. And you can also find several restaurants (Italian, French and Thai etc.), some coffee shops, laundries, hair salons and banks on the ground floor of the compound, and also a pleasant garden area for children. Vibrant community and good management, it is really a good compound that I would like to recommend :)
  • Merry I live in Park Avenue, a very good compound. Post time: 2017-07-16 13:53:33

    I live in Park Avenue, a very good compound. It is next to Chaoyang Park, and the subway-line 14 passes by here; Inside the compound, there is a big playground for children, a nice and big clubhouse (gym and swimming pool) for all its residents here, a supermarket-April Gourmet, a clinic, a laundry, a hair salon and several coffee shops. It is really a very convenient place for family. I highly recommend this compound.


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