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The Most Complete, Eating, Drinking and Play Strategy Written by a Native of Beijing

Post time: 2018-05-15 10:30:20    Source: Translated from sohu.com

Beijing, as the capital of China, in everyone’s heart, there is a Beijing complex of "I love Beijing Tiananmen". All dreamed of living in the legendary Forbidden City, shuttling in Hutong and courtyard, and climbing the Great Wall, shouting: I am man!
Beijing is a city embracing everything. With 3 thousand years of history and being the capital of Six Dynasties, Beijing has assembled the Chinese culture since the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, gathered many historical sites and cultural landscapes and collected visitors of all directions. Religion, culture and language merge together here.

Play Strategy:

If you want to accurately depict the appearance of Beijing, it's nothing more than an idiot's daydream. Beijing is in the quiet road outside the red palace wall, in the corner of Hutong, in the hurry road of China World Trade Center, and in the stone brick path of unnamed lakeside. Only if you feel and listen, can you hear the internal monologue of Beijing.

In my mind, on the surface, Beijing is a modern metropolis, but the innermost old simplicity and nostalgia can’t be wiped off. Walking in alleys that are gradually waned and walking into steaming instant-boiled meat restaurants, that is real Beijing.

Many famous universities, such as Tsinghua and Peking University etc. were settled down here, you can walk on the campus to imagine the scene of teaching at school of Zhu Ziqing, Hu Shi and other former masters. And there are many famous natural landscapes, such as the charming red leaves of the Fragrant Hills, the purple Bamboo Courtyard in the bamboo forest, and the elegant Yuyuantan Park…
The best season is October, this is the best time to travel to Beijing. October is called “golden autumn”, Autumn is the most beautiful season in Beijing. At this time, the climate is cool and pleasant, and the air quality is the best. Especially in late October (around frost) to early November, it's time that the red leaves are all over the mountains, the famous “Red Leaf Festival” of the Fragrant Hills are held during this period.   

Another good time for sightseeing in Beijing is from the beginning of December to the middle of February next year. When you come to Beijing during this period, you must visit the temple fairs of Beijing. The first month (lunar Chinese New Year to February 1st) is the most concentrated day for holding the temple fairs. Changdian, the Wuxian Caishen Temple, the White Cloud Temple, the Lama Temple, the Dongyue Temple and the Longtanhu Park hold grand temple fairs every year. In temple fairs, huge crowds of people, extraordinarily bustling, a harmonious and joyful atmosphere are around you all the time.

Cate Strategy:

Donkey Roll: Donkey Roll is also known as Soybean Cake, one of ancient snacks of Beijing. As for the origin of the name, it seems to be a figurative metaphor. As after being cooked in pot, Donkey Rolls have to be rolled in the soybean flour, like a lazy donkey, so it gets its name.

An authentic place for Beijing snacks: Bai Ji Niangao

Chinese Yam and Date Rolls: in old Beijing snacks, Chinese Yam and Date Rolls may be the most popular with women. Because its main material is yam and jujube, yam is good for slimming, and jujube is good for nourishing blood, it is a real medicine. At the same time, Chinese Yam and Date Rolls is wrapped in white sugar, the taste is very sweet, and so it is a small food made for women.

An authentic place for Beijing snacks: Hongbin Lou, Ziguang Yuan

Uncongealed Tofu: this should be one of the most widely spread snacks in northern China. Old Beijing's Uncongealed Tofu was all over the city in the past, now the most famous Uncongealed Tofu is the century-old brand “Doufunao Bai”. Of course, every brand has its own flavor, even if it is a roadside booth on the corner of alley, it is also delicious.

An authentic place for Beijing snacks: Nan Lai Shun, Wangfujing snack street

Instant Boiled Mutton: in Beijing, speaking of Instant Boiled Mutton, it is well known to everyone. By reason that this dish is simple and delicious. Furthermore, old Beijing used copper pot to cook mutton primarily, for this reason, it is also called "chiguozi" or "shuandayang".

An authentic place for food: Dong Lai Shun Restaurant

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